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[Linux-aus] Grant Request

Date: 30th August, 2005.

Project Name: Umm.. SLUG Video?!

Aim of Project:

For the past several years SLUG has been recording video of talks from
our monthly meetings to DV. Some of this is already published on our
website[1], however, there's a huge archive of raw DV to work through.

The aim is basically to try and work through as much still-relevant
media and get it online, licensed in either CC or public domain, of
course. :)

Person Resposible for Request:

Chris Deigan <ctd@slug.org.au>. Note this request is being made
independant of SLUG.


Anyone who's worked with raw DV footage will know files are rather
massive (~10gb for your average one hour talk). This makes shuffling
files around my rather limited space difficult, and often a reason for
not working on the video.

Being the poor student I am, I have the following proposition to make:

Item			| Price (approx)
200gb HardDisk		|	~$140
IDE -> USB/FW Enclosure	|	~$ 80
DVD Burner		|	~$100
Total:			|	~$320

The disk would be for storing DV whilst being edited, since I import DV
on my laptop (it's the only box with a firewire port), the usb/firewire
enclosure to go with it.

The DVD Burner is for archival of the ~1-2gb full-quality theora encodes
of video for archiving purposes.

Those prices are estimations, most will be less or equal to, depending
on what I can find price-wise. :)

This is a fairly big ask for a single person, I know, but with this,
more recent videos should be churned out faster, and more archival
footage to be edited+encoded, benefiting the FOSS community and those
interested in topics discussed. I hope. :)


[1] http://slug.org.au/talks/

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