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Re: [Linux-aus] Projects killed by Patents

<quote who="James Purser">

> Okay I'm looking for any local Open Source projects that have been killed
> off by software patents. I would like to include something about this in
> the next podcast so if anyone knows of any such projects drop me a line. 

You may not be able to count local *projects* that have been affected by
patents on one hand. But there will be quite a few local *developers* who
can tell you about patents affecting projecs that they work on.

For instance, GNOME cannot implement spring-loaded folders [1] in Nautilus
because Apple has a patent on it. This makes me cry deep inside sometimes.

- Jeff

[1] drag files, hold over folder, folder opens under the cursor, drag files
over a folder inside it, that folder opens under the cursor, etc. Drop files
and all the spring-loaded folders close again.

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