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[Linux-aus] Minutes for LA Committee Meeting 2005/07/08

Minutes for Linux Australia Committee Meeting
2005/07/08 13:00 +1000
Conducted in person

     Jonathan Oxer (President)

Present by proxy:
     Anthony Towns (Secretary)
     Andrew Cowie
     Stewart Smith
     Geoffrey Bennett

     Pia Smith (Vice President)
     Mark Tearle (Treasurer)

1) Setup of Mirror Sub-committee

  Motion: That a mirror sub-committee be formally established for the
  purposes of determining the value of a community run and controlled
  high-bandwidth static content mirror. The sub-committee shall consist
  of Michael Still, Andrew Pollock and Steven Hanley, and be chaired by
  Michael Still. The sub-committee shall have a budget of up to $2500 to
  purchase sufficient hardware to setup and run a mirroring service. The
  sub-committee will act in close consultation with the committee. The
  sub-committee will provide the committee with summaries of the use the
  mirror sees and benefits to community for review after six and twelve
  months, at which points the committee will determine whether the
  project should be ceased, continued on an experimental basis, or
  continued as an official project.

The motion was proposed by Anthony Towns via email, and seconded by
Jonathan Oxer. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting closed at 13:03 +1000.

Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc