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Re: [Linux-aus] Linux Trademark

James Purser wrote:
A thread has started up on the SLUG list re an email from a Jeremy
Malcolm claiming to represent Linus Torvalds with regards to the Linux

Yup. LA's been looking into securing the Linux trademark (and a couple of others, like "Linux Australia" and "linux.conf.au") for a while now; we've been aiming to secure the former on behalf on Linus, who's appointed the LMI to work out policies so he doesn't have to bother.

This is what Jeremy's working through, with both LA's and LMI's support.

After reading this article I am a little confused here: http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/software/0,2000061733,39156205,00.htm

Check the dateline -- "13 August 2004 01:38 PM".

Does this mean that Linux Australia is going to have to change it's name
or what? Sorry it's a little late and I'm a little confused.

There's a company in SA, aiui, that calls themselves Linux Australia Pty Ltd (LA is Linux Australia, Inc), and that tried to trademark the word "Linux".



Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc