[Linux-aus] Re: [LACTTE] Linux Trade Mark

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Wed Aug 17 08:59:01 UTC 2005

On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 10:39:21AM +1000, Jonathan Oxer wrote:

> Thanks for doing that, but unfortunately I wouldn't have very high
> expectations of a follow-up piece being run unless it's to talk about
> how much controversy the first one generated!
> Perhaps you'd be interested in posting your response to the list so we
> can use it as a reference to direct people to?

The killer point to all this is that there should have been no controversy 
in the first place. Controveries like this are of no use to us.

What I find particularly problematic is this comment:

 "There's been a mixture of positive support and paranoia, and that's kind 
 of what I expected," says Mr Malcolm

There would have been no paranoia if this request to businesses had been
telegraphed through the normal channels for weeks or months prior to the
emails going out. If Jeremy expected issues and didn't cater for them,
then this is bad practice.

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