[Linux-aus] Re: LCA, eh

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sat Apr 30 15:54:02 UTC 2005


>>Double the conference size and the conference size will be twice what it 
>>is in the year 2005....it's maths and that is all that it is.
>Cool! Double it enough times, and it'll include the entire population of
>Australia! Hey, I must be at the Australia-encompassing LCA RIGHT NOW!
Let's not get silly.

>Make it too big, and you dilute this aspect of the conference - if I was
>Linus or Rasmus, I'd want to go to LCA because it had super high quality
>attendees, but not if there were so many of them that I'd be pestered
>all day and still not get to talk to all of them. 
So, if I meet you at Linux World, I'm a low quality attendee, but if I 
meet you at an LCA (in the state of New Zealand) I'm a high quality 
attendee? Perhaps I should somehow legally garner all the Linux World 
attendees e-mail addresses and forward them to you so YOU can tell them 
that YOU think they're low quality attendees...

I think this size argument is silly. It's what you do with it (whatever 
it happens to be) that matters. As others have pointed out, the 
potential attendees at Linux/Open Source related conferences is going to 
grow regardless of what the LCA organisers think about LCA. So they can 
either keep it small (and work out who the hell to turn away), split the 
conference up a little more (but how)...or do somethng. That might be 
decide to do nothing, but that should be an active decision rather than 
a passive one.


(1) Big Hint for the over sensitive dumbos: I may be arguing ad absurdum 
here to make a point, simply because I can't be bothered being subtle.

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