[Linux-aus] Re: LCA, eh

Marco Ostini m.ostini at uq.edu.au
Thu Apr 28 15:19:01 UTC 2005

>>Bigger is not always better. Or at least its not best suited to a
>>technical conference for developers.
> Agree. I think linux.conf.au's reasonable upper limit for comfort and sanity
> is 600. Much more than that, and I won't be able to remember my own name,
> let alone the rest.

Fear not Jeff, I'll be there Jeff & I'll remind you, Jeff, that your 
name is in fact Jeff.

I suspect that your better half might help out too :P

Seriously though. I agree with the 600 ceiling. More than that, and the 
vibe, flavour and essence of a linux.conf is lost.

And no, by 'essence' I am *NOT* referring to hordes of geeks who haven't 
washed for days...


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