[Linux-aus] Committee Meeting - 2005/04/22

Anthony Towns secretary at linux.org.au
Wed Apr 20 23:17:06 UTC 2005

Agenda for Linux Australia Committee Meeting
2005/04/22 18:00 +1000

Location: Manning-Clarke Centre, ANU, Canberra

Invited guests:
   Rusty Russell (Linux Australia IP Policy Advisor)
   Matthew Plamer (Community Code)
   Bruce Badger (OpenSkills)
   Tony Breeds (linux.conf.au 2005)
   Michael Beattie (linux.conf.au 2006)


This mail is sent out under 48 hours before the meeting is scheduled to 
begin, and as such does not qualify as a meeting announcement for 
constitutional purposes. That announcement was distributed to the 
committee list yesterday, and covered the general topics, without a 
specific indication of motions expected at the meeting.

Attendance is by invitation only. Topics not covered in the meeting 
announcement cannot be discussed without the unanimous agreement of all 
members present at the meeting. Topics not listed on this agenda should 
be raised with the committee for discussion and consideration at the 
next formal meeting.

An informal brainstorming session will be held over dinner on Saturday 
evening (the 23rd). Interested parties are strongly encouraged to join us!

Participants should note that the conference proceedings for Friday 
conclude at 5:45pm, and dinner begins at 7:00pm; so there won't be time 
to attend the meeting and go back to shower and change, so please ensure 
you're appropriately attired and groomed in advance.

Proxies from committee members will be accepted by email to the 
secretary until 10 minutes before the meeting begins.


(1) Approving of minutes for formal meeting 2005/03/29

     Motion: That the minutes [0] of the Committee Meeting held by
     teleconference on the 29th March 2005 accurately reflect the
     proceedings of that meeting.


(2) Ghosts of Conferences Past

     Motion: That bookings for the Ghosts trip to Dunedin for the weekend
     of the 21st and 22nd of May be made for Steven Hanley, Tony Breeds,
     Martin Pool, Jeremy Kerr, Michael Davies, Jonathan Oxer, Anthony
     Towns and Mark Tearle, and the expenditure of up to $5000 be
     authorised for payment for flights.

(3) Intellectual Property Issues

     Invited speaker: Rusty Russell (5 minutes)

(4) Support for Community Code

     Invited speaker: Matthew Palmer (5 minutes)

(5) Support for OpenSkills

     Invited speaker: Bruce Badger (5 minutes)

     Motion: That Linux Australia establish a relationship with
     OpenSkills (www.openskills.org), and handle the processing
     of OpenSkills registration payments made by credit card.

(6) Business cards

     Motion: That the payment of $309.20 for business cards for the LA
     executive be authorised and executed.

(7) Executive budget

     Motion: That a working budget be established for the executive be
     established. Each member of the executive (that being the President,
     Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) may authorise, with the
     assent of a second member of the executive, expenditures for
     purposes appropriate to the mission of Linux Australia, up to a set
     amount over the course of a quarter. The budget for President and
     Vice-President shall be $1000 each, and the budget for the Secretary
     and Treasurer shall be $500 each. Summaries of expenditures shall be
     presented to the committee as soon as is feasible, and shall be
     reviewed for appropriateness at the next committee meeting. The
     committee may vote to reset the available budget for any executive
     member at any meeting.

(8) UPS for Digital

     Motion: That expenditure of $1755 be authorised for purchase of an
     uninterruptible power supply for Digital, Linux Australia's primary

(9) Change of registered office

     Motion: That Linux Australia's registered business office be changed
     to the North Sydney office of Minerva Technology Lawyers.

Anthony Towns <secretary at linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc


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