[Linux-aus] NEXT WEEK - "Open Computing in Government 2005" - Register today!

Gordon Hubbard gordon at customtech.com.au
Tue Apr 12 11:48:02 UTC 2005

** News - NSW Department of Commerce to give perspective on Open Source **

Open Computing in Government 2005 is a unique opportunity to listen to,
meet, and learn from the trendsetters and decision makers that are
behind the rising tide of Open Source and Open Systems software within
the public sector.

The conference will take place at the same venue and with the
cooperation of Linux.conf.au as a "co-conference" - but separate
registration is required to attend.

Presenters include:

* Senator the Hon Eric Abetz
   Special Minister of State

* Senator Stephen Conroy
   Deputy Leader of the Federal Labor Party in the Senate
   Shadow Minister for Communications & Information Technology

* John Grant
   Acting Australian Government CIO
   Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO)

* Patrick Callioni
   Division Manager
   Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO)

* Dr Elizabeth Gordon-Werner
   Manager Strategic Projects
   Government Chief Information Office (GCIO), NSW Department of Commerce

* Kevin Russell
   WA Department of Industry and Resources (DoIR) (OpenSource.wa.gov.au)

* Stephen McInerney
   HealthInsite and the Federal Dept of Health

* Mark Shuttleworth
   Founder of Thawte and the Ubuntu Linux distribution,
   and the first African in Space

* Pia Smith
   Linux Australia

* Paul Kangro

* Avi Miller

* Brendan Scott
   Open Source Law

* Ian Oi
   Blake Dawson Waldron

* Tom Knapp

* Greg Stone
   National Technology Officer, Microsoft Australia

* And many more ...

The Senator the Hon Eric Abetz, Special Minister of State, will launch
the much anticipated "Guide to Open Source Software for Australian
Government Agencies". And John Grant, Acting Australian Government CIO,
AGIMO will be presenting the opening address.

Learn more and register at http://www.auug.org.au/events/2005/ocg

The conference will be held at the Manning Clark Centre at The
Australian National University, Canberra, on 18 and 19 April 2005.

No matter what aspect of IT in government interests you, you'll find a
presentation to spark your interest.

Plus, it's not all hard work! The Conference Cocktail Reception on the
Monday evening will give you the chance to meet the speakers and other

If you have any questions about the conference, please don't hesitate to
contact AUUG.

Register NOW at http://www.auug.org.au/events/2005/ocg

Proudly presented by -

AUUG, the organisation for UNIX, Linux and Open Source professionals.

auug at auug.org.au
Free Call 1800 625 655, T +61 (0)2 8824 9511, F +61 (0)2 8824 9522
ABN 15 645 981 718


Gordon Hubbard
Treasurer, AUUG Inc.
Chairman AUUG Open Computing in Government (OCG) Committee

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