[Linux-aus] Exhibitors at Education Expo

Sara from ABD Computer Installations webmaster at abdcomputers.net
Mon Apr 11 17:04:02 UTC 2005

Greetings All,

With just 5 weeks to go to the big event on 14 and 15 May at Rosehill
Racecourse, Sydney, things are shaping up beautifully.
LA is on the the List of Exhibitors (200+ to date) on the expo website at

To date:
* We have our awesome LA banner so we're sure to be seen, 
* LA will be supplying the Cd's and a few T-shirts for the LA pack
* I'm supplying the stuffed penguin's and penguin pendants for the LA pack 
* Moe Kaan's arranging hardware and setup for the day,  
* Chris Deigan has kindly offered to make up some SLUG information Handouts
and help out in person at the Expo, thank you!
* I'm looking into making some simple posters for the booth with 
'What is Linux and Open Source Software'
'Who uses Linux?' with a brief list of large organizations/schools
A competition where kids and adults answer simple questions about Linux with 
clues found around the booth, we'd like to make the experience as hands on as possible.

We are still in need of:
* Suggestions for the student/teacher niche, what else do we need to inform them about?
* Is it possible to have the OSIA logo blown up and displayed to show teachers and principals 
their is an industry body?
*Can we have some information handouts on LPI certification considering some IT colleges are 
offering distro specific certification course info over the two days?
* Floor personnel on either of the days to distribute Cd's and do plenty of talking
* Confirmation in writing to me if you will be helping on one or both days and how long
you will be available.



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