[Linux-aus] Re: [Osia-discuss] Media Training

Ron Skeoch rbs at muli.com.au
Fri Apr 1 08:02:02 UTC 2005

Pia Smith wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> <quote who="Ron Skeoch">
>>I have in the past conducted the campaign against the ATO
>>and have the "Ngipi open Business Accounts"that I am pushing 
>>to get to the exposure line.
>>I would appreciate the opportunity to be included.
> How would you use this media training in the future to help the Australian Linux
> community? It sounds like you've done some great work in the past, but part
> of this selection is in stating how you'd use it in future :)

> Pia
My focus is on establishing open source "Ngipi Open Business
which includes a Correspondence Manager for Open Office
(The subject of a paper at OO mini conference).

I still have a belief that a broader campaign needs to be
developed to reverse the trend of big business organisations
assuming (without chalange) the
mantle of personal rights (without associated
responsibilities) a major  underlying issue in  the
imposition of the FTA and associated software IP.

Political change requires broader community buy in!

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