[Linux-aus] FEEDBACK:SCO to launch legal Web site

Leon Brooks leon-olc at cyberknights.com.au
Thu Oct 14 12:18:01 UTC 2004

We've been waiting for this with some amusement. Apparently, SCOfflaw.net (as 
an LWN poster trading as "bajw" pointed out, the obvious domain name for such 
a service) is being domain-squatted as I type. (-:

> "The site will be designed to be informational for people desiring to
> follow the company's litigation. We've received a lot of feedback from
> people saying, 'I would like to follow what's going on, but I would
> prefer to not have to visit Groklaw,'" Stowell said.

Ah. That feedback would be Darl and who else? Kieran?

"Informational" is an interesting way of saying "censored":

> Unlike Groklaw, SCO won't let others post their opinions on its site,
> Stowell said.  

Sadly typical: "We want our own open and honest information site, just like 
GrokLaw, but of course it won't be open and we don't have a good track record 
for honesty." Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?

Sorry if I sound a bit flippant, but after their unending U-turns, 
"mis-spoken" events and loudly-trumpeted non-events the chances of a anyone 
with a fact in their grip taking SCOX seriously are about the same as the 
odds of my pet rat learning how to transmute lead into cheese.

Thanks for giving GrokLaw equal airtime.

Cheers; Leon


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