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Anand Kumria wildfire at progsoc.uts.edu.au
Wed Nov 24 23:09:02 UTC 2004

On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 12:00:50PM +1100, Pia Smith wrote:
> Hi all,

> The project will run for three years, and includes most of our well know
> Open Source lawyers, either peripherally or directly. Full details are
> at the end of this email. The minimum money donation was about $5k per
> year for the three years duration of the project. Linux Australia felt
> that considering we have not spent our target on the community yet this
> year, that this would be a good use of LA funds. We are looking at
> putting this through our Grant Proposal scheme
> http://www.linux.org.au/projects/grants as it would be about 2 months
> worth of the allocated funds for that scheme per year. We are also
> looking at donating time, probably one day a month of ctte and community
> time to the project. This is worth about another $8k, so we are making a
> valuable contribution. LA will make sure we communicate with the
> linux-aus mailing list any expressions of interest for particular
> specialists and events so stay tuned :)

	3 x $5k (cash)
	3 x $8k (in kind)

	~$40k in direct costs?

	Not including accomodation and/or transport of nominated
	individuals which I easily imagine at roughyl $5K/yr.

	all up ~$55k.

And all this is aimed at doing is: "To research existing and
potential IP licensing models in Australia."

In this kind of commerical, high-value business transaction I believe
you need to look at this with something apart from 'wouldn't it be nice'

What is the ROI on this research project, would be one of my starting

I believe a more effective was to spend this kind of money would be to 
take a $1000 ad in say, The Australian IT section, for a year pointing 
out the problems with Patents, Copyright Law, Trademark Law and Trade 
Secrets and what impact they have on Free Software.

Considering that the project research proposal was pitched at business,
even though the topic is important, I don't think the research project
is a good fit for Linux Australia.


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