[Linux-aus] FOSS tech camp for NGOs - Bangalore

Pia Smith pia at linux.org.au
Fri Nov 19 11:52:03 UTC 2004

(Please note the application deadline is November 19th 2004.)

Asia Source: Tech camp for the NGO Sector
Bangalore, India. January 28th to February 4th 2005.

Asia Source hopes to bring together over 100 people from 20 countries to
increase the use and awareness of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
amongst the non-profit sector in South and South East Asia.

This week long event will bring together NGOs and NGO technology support
professionals working at the grassroots level across the region to learn
new skills, exchange tips, and share experiences. Together with
regionally and globally renowned experts and specialists they will look
at the use of technology and free and open source software within the
non-profit sector from both an access and a content perspective.
Offering participants the opportunity to explore the practical technical
side of FOSS whilst extending their understanding of issues related to
open source and intellectual property rights.

Asia Source will be the first event of its kind in the region, bringing
together regional non-profit professionals with a rights based focus, it
will invite those from both the technical and content end of the
spectrum to focus on the practical elements of using such tools within

Participants with a range of expertise will be provided with a space for
intensive peer learning. They will be given the opportunity to develop
their understanding of available options, learn how to select and apply
alternative technologies, and be provided with the skills and tools to
utilise this within the context of their daily work. They will also be
encouraged to explore the challenges and the future potential of FOSS
adoption within the social context.

During this 'camp' style event,  participants will take part in a range
of sessions. From planning and helping an NGO to migrate to FOSS, to
sharing tips and techniques on using tools for content development,
advocacy and campaigning. In parallel to this they will look beneath
user-level scenarios, and break-down tricky issues such as techniques
for localising software and forms of understanding the real cost of
technology use.

Four themes will flow throughout the event
o 'FLOSSophy' for NGOs
o Migration and Access
o Tools for content and communication
o Localisation

Asia Source will be held in a small artists community on the outskirts
of Bangalore. Its aim is to become a community building event, with the
potential to seed connections and future partnerships across borders and
between skillsets.

The event is co-organised by Mahiti.org (Bangalore) and the Tactical
Technology Collective (Amsterdam). The event is guided by an advisory
board of established non-profit and FOSS professionals from across the
South and South East Asian region. The organisers are also collaborating
with international NGO technology groups such as the Association for
Progressive Communications(APC) and Aspiration.  This event is sponsored
by Hivos, the Open Society Institute, and the International Open Source
Network (IOSN).

Asia Source belongs to a larger family of Source Events that seek to
increase the viability of FOSS use by the non-profit sector. Other
source events have taken place in South East Europe, Southern Africa and
are planned in 2005 in Western Africa.

For more information and an application form please visit

Applications can also be requested by writing to
asiasource at tacticaltech.org. The deadline for applications is November
19th 2004. Participants will be selected by the advisory group based on
their interest and experiences. There will be a small registration fee
for the event.

A number of travel and registration fee scholarships are still available
and may be applied for on application.
Pia Smith
President of Linux Australia

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