[Linux-aus] FTA/Open Source SIG in Sydney tomorrow

Arjen Lentz arjen at mysql.com
Thu May 20 08:49:01 UTC 2004

Hi Anthony, all,

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 21:34, Anthony Towns wrote:
> See http://www.oic.org/z/OZIG/AUEK/ for the meeting. "OZIG" is the
> SIG, "oic" is the "Open Interchange Consortium". Kate Lundy (Shadow
> IT minister) is addressing the meeting. The group in general seems a
> neutral, big end of town, IT group; at least at first glance -- I've no
> idea. Registration seems to be expected.

OIC jump on the OpenSource bandwagon. Various OSIA members have tried
chatting with them in the past, and (hearsay) they were mostly
interested in getting money off their members (high fees).
It is interesting that noone of OIC appears to be known to LA, OSIA and
other opensource community people.... that may be indicative.

What the good senator is doing there though, who knows.

> Anyone from LA going?

It may be interesting if somewhere were able to go and check it out.
That could provide us with some more real feedback on what OIC is.

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