Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Wed May 12 16:40:02 UTC 2004

<quote who="Con Zymaris">

> Yes, but think about the differences between FOSS and closed.
> 1) who sets the roadmap? 

FOSS: The developers (be they company or not, in many circumstances mixed).

Closed: The company (developers, marketing, etc).

What's the difference? Are you implying that FOSS roadmaps are better at
satisfying *users*? Seriously? The funniest example of this can be found
wholly within the FOSS world - GNOME and KDE. Maybe users do count... But
which users? :-)

GNOME "changed the roadmap" when 2.0 came out. Although it has been quite
successful outside the technical user community, at least within it, the
change raised some ire.

> 2) what recourse do users have to deviate from this roadmap.

FOSS: Massive engineering effort to fork, or use another tool entirely.

Closed: Use another tool entirely: go buy something else.

> 3) How many of these are orphaned when there is a large installed base of 
>    generally happy users?

FOSS: "I am just a user, I can't maintain it myself! I am orphaned!"

Closed: "I am orphaned!"

> Also, for FOSS, these are per-project roadmaps, not all-encompassing
> system frameworks which require a big retooling job to migrate to or
> adopt.

But realistically, there are still single-point-of-failure projects in FOSS
land... and when they change, so does everyone else. :-)

[ Anyway, I'm not arguing the validity of your point, just pointing out that
the finger of accusation might come straight back at us. :-) ]

- Jeff

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