[Linux-aus] Grant application: ComputerBank NSW

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue May 4 09:25:01 UTC 2004

The Linux Australia committe has been considering the following grant 
application. The committee has voted to recommend that this grant 
application be accepted.

According to the procedure at: http://www.linux.org.au/projects/grants/, 
the community now has two weeks to comment on this grant before further 
action can be taken.

ComputerBank NSW Inc - urgent transport assistance

Date: 14 April 2004

Project Name: Emergency regional transport support - Sydney to the bush.

Aim of Project: Clearance of major backlog held in temporary storage of 
donated equipment from single major donor to ensure that equipment is 
not lost to ComputerBank in NSW for refurbishment and reuse. Removal of 
these items from Sydney to regional locations is essential to enable the 
ComputerBank Sydney repository operations to continue to function given 
the major donation currently in progress. Regional ComputerBanks are 
unable to cover the costs of these truck hires as their own funds have 
been exhausted and it is considered unreasonable that regional 
ComputerBank volunteers be asked to fund this further major transport 

Person Responsible for Request: Geoff Tregenza, President ComputerBank 
NSW Inc. for/on behalf of ComputerBank Hunter (Bob Beaven) and 
ComputerBank New England (Roland Bernett).

Request: Grant to cover hire of truck to uplift donated computer 
equipment designated for allocation to Hunter and New England. Quote 21 
ft. pantech Peter King Newcastle at $490 per day including fuel and GST. 
Total requested 3 days hire x $490 = $1470.

Tentative hire days: Thursday 22, 29 April and Tuesday 4 May 2004.

Note: This grant application is separate to the submission being made 
regarding an interest free loan to ComputerBank NSW Inc for/on behalf of 
ComputerBank Sydney being sent as a separate email.

Geoff Tregenza


ComputerBank NSW Inc.

Does anyone here have a comment to make on this grant?



Michael Still (mikal at stillhq.com)
UTC + 10

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