[Linux-aus] Volunteers, anyone? Whiner wanted. (-:

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Fri Mar 26 11:52:02 UTC 2004


It would be good if someone else asked TSG-ANZ (http://au.sco.com/) to 
take down their link to the "5 reasons" page because it tells a direct 
lie. I've made enough noise already. (-:

What I would like to see happen is an email to anz_info at sco.com asking 
them to take down the link to the www.sco.com/5reasons page because the 
claims there are false and misleading. Claim 5 is patently false: 
UNIXWARE and OpenServer are both heavily legally encumbered, both by 
TSG and by Novell. Claims 1 and 4 are misleading. CC the email to the 
ACCC and a few media outlets.

If past history is a guide, TSG-ANZ won't even dignify you with a reply, 
but I'd like to see a take-down request against TSG-ANZ publicised and 
watch what (if anything) it does to SCOX share prices. It has been 
TSG's practice to muddy the waters with news announcements (e.g. 
bundling Linux in with CA's UNIXWARE licence deal) and I'd like to see 
them wear a bit of collateral damage in return.

It would help if the complainant _wasn't_ someone already prominent on 
press pages, which lets out Con, Pia, the redoubtable Mr Waugh and 
myself, amongst others.

The take-down request should be short, simple and to the point. "This is 
a business lie, please disassociate yourself from it."

Cheers; Leon

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