[Linux-aus] Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Wed Mar 24 20:55:02 UTC 2004

On 24/03/2004, at 9:45 PM, Stewart Smith wrote:

> On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 19:50, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
>> But note that its only the first time someone posts from an email
>> address which they are not subscribed as, that the message gets
>> held. After that they can be whitelisted and all of their messages go
>> through straight away. Can probably be done premptively too if someone
>> was particularly concerned.
> If mailman can be set to do this (i haven't seen anything like it in
> there.. but maybe ours is just old), then I'd be quite happy with a
> system like this.

Certainly does; it's really handy.

> any chance you'd be able to set us in the right direction for getting
> this going (i.e. what we need, how to config, do we need to upgrade)?

Not sure what you're running, but if it's Debian Woody, I've got a 
2.1.4 backport that works quite well @ 



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