[Linux-aus] Now tell the rest of the story...

John Knight anarchisttomato at yahoo.com.au
Tue Mar 23 17:33:25 UTC 2004

> I remember Microsoft's Vinod Vallopillil noting that
> "Any idiot could write a 
> driver in 2 days with a book like 'Linux Device
> Drivers' -- there is no such 
> thing as a 2-day device-driver for NT". Software
> that much more accessible is 
> much easier to manage, and it follows that it is
> also much more likely to be 
> secure.

Surely this is a good thing? If he'd replaced the
words "any idiot" with "anyone", then the entire
statement would've turned around. It seems to me to be
an implication that writing drivers should be out of
reach of the Average Joe and left to an elite few. 

If it can be written by an idiot, another idiot can
fix up the problems in the source written by the first
idiot, simple. :)

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