[Linux-aus] Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Tue Mar 23 17:32:02 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 23 March 2004 7:00 pm, Bret Busby wrote:

> > > Is Linux Australia, in addition to distributing spam, also now
> > > distributing viruses?

Ive been getting viruses on mailing lists that are subscriber only.  they 
forge the sender as a valid list person  quite often the list admin.

ive had them both on Red Hat Lists and the gnomemeeting lists.

> > > Perhaps, once again, it is time to review the list policy of allowing
> > > non-subscribers to post to the list, and, allowing them to post
> > > absolutely anything to the list, allowing Linux Australia to be used as
> > > a vehicle for distributing malicious code....
> >
> > If it offends you so much, may I suggest unsubscribing? LA aren't
> > holding you captive to the list - it's purely opt-in!
> So, you believe that the purpose of Linux Australia, is to distribute
> spam and viruses?
> Hmmm.

I hope there here to do alot more than that.  and im sure they are. 

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