[Linux-aus] Linux Australia FTA Press release

Brent Wallis (IS) bw at wallis.id.au
Fri Mar 12 19:26:01 UTC 2004

A tough task, but executed so well:-)
Congrats and tks.
Pia Smith <pia at linux.org.au> wrote ..
> Hi all,
> See http://www.linux.org.au/press/ for the latest news, and to read a
> copy of our press release on the FTA issues.
> Many thanks to the entire Press team for their help, and a GREAT start
> to our improved media strategies. We will put up details about the Press
> team on the press webpage (see above) soon. 
> If anyone has any local or national media issues they want help on,
> please feel free to contact the Press team at press at linux.org.au. In the
> near future, we hope to engage the community with more active and
> reactive strategies. The aims - better press coverage of FOSS community
> concerns and issues, better knowledge transfer to the public on FOSS
> itself, and finally to beat the FUD!
> Rock on,
> Pia
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