[Linux-aus] FTA circumvention devices

Jan Schmidt thaytan at mad.scientist.com
Fri Mar 5 08:37:02 UTC 2004

<quote who="Rusty Russell">
> On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 10:48, Jan Schmidt wrote:
> > Barring that, I'm reverse engineering (in good faith) the lawfully obtained 
> > DVD player software program that came with my DVD drive, for the purposes of 
> > making my independently created DVD player software interoperate with the file 
> > format (vob), said file format containing some technological measures that I'm
> > circumventing solely for this purpose.
> Sure, you can interoperate with that program you bought.
> You can't interoperate with anything else.

It doesn't say that... it says I can use my legally bought copy for reverse
engineering "for the sole purpose of achieving interoperability of an
independently created computer program with other programs"

It doesn't restrict the 'other programs' to ones I've legally purchased.

When I say 'interoperability', I mean the ability to read (and maybe write)
the other program's data format... which in this case is the files on a DVD.
Is there a legal definition that means something different?

> Linux Australia is looking to get a legal opinion on this stuff, but
> while clever wording might help with a sympathetic judge, the intent of
> the treaty seems fairly clear (assuming the legislation actually uses
> the same words).

The legal opinion would certainly help. I disagree that the intent seems
clear - since we're not interpreting it the same way :)

Jan Schmidt                                  thaytan at mad.scientist.com


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