[Linux-aus] FTA circumvention devices

Robi Karp robi at fluffyspider.com.au
Fri Mar 5 06:05:02 UTC 2004

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004 18:25:35 +1100, Daniel Stone <daniel at fooishbar.org> said:

> and I don't know what a DVD player is if not a computer ...

The thing is that while new DVD / HDD recording devices are very
PC-like I fear that it could be argued that they are in a different
class of product.  Comsumer electronics.  I don't believe that the law
would see them quite the same....yet.

That being said, I don't think it spells doom and gloom for Linux DVD
playback.  More vendor support is happening for drivers, especially in
the field of comsumer electronics such as DVD playback.

The thing that worries the vendors, the thing they can't understand,
is about opening the source to their drivers.  They need education.

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