[Linux-aus] FTA circumvention devices

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at samba.org
Thu Mar 4 20:02:02 UTC 2004

At 2004/3/4 18:13+1100  Rusty Russell writes:
> Bad Anthony paraphrased.  Here's the section:
>  "non-infringing reverse engineering activities with regard to a
> lawfully obtained copy of a computer program, carried out in good faith
> with respect to the paraticular elements of that computer program that
> have not been readily available to the person egnaged in such activity,
> for the sole purpose of achieving interoparability of an independently
> created computer program with other programs"
> ie. is a DVD a computer program?  If not, you're SOL.

Can a DVD be considered from a different point of view - eg comparing
it to the "saved file format" issue? Eg. Linux dvd reading software is
allowing us to be interoperable with their dvd writing software?

cyeoh at samba.org

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