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Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Tue Mar 2 12:24:02 UTC 2004

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 11:06:20AM +1100, Con Zymaris wrote:
> * To become the national coordinator of events and activities relating
>   to the business advocacy of FOSS.
> * To join with other FOSS organisations in the broader community,
>   working to increase the uptake of Open Source in Australia.

So, according to the minutes, the 9th Feb LA ctte meeting identified:

] An immediate risk factor would be getting attendees. Could we actually
] draw to it? We'd have to ask large organizations to open their mailing
] lists to promoting this (eg Oracle, ACS). A politician per state at least
] would be needed to be behind the idea, rallying support and driving
] attendance. Overall, would people actually show up? There was not an
] enormous amount of confidence here.


(uh, can we get shorter urls please? minutes/current/2004-02-09.html
would be fine...)

Perhaps we could demonstrate some of the ties between all these
Linux-related groups by asking OSIA to put some feelers out for people
interested in a roadshow in various areas, and maybe what topics they're
particularly interested in (saving money by replacing servers with Linux,
but keeping the same functionality? new server functionality they can
get from using Linux? putting Linux on the desktop? something else?)


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