[Osia-discuss] Re: [Linux-aus] MEDIA RELEASE: Open Source Industry Australia - National Body Launched

Scott McClintock scott at mu.com.au
Tue Mar 2 07:31:01 UTC 2004

Hi All,

Con, I agree...

I think it is very important that the role of OSIA is clearly 
understood.  Convincing government and business of the value and 
strength of FOSS has more to do with "business" issues than "technical" 
issues.  Getting the message out that there are already major mission 
critical applications based on FOSS running all around Australia at all 
levels of business and government is the key.  The technical and cost 
advantages tend to sell themselves after that.  I have found time and 
time again that when I demonstrate what some of my customers have been 
doing with FOSS for years, previously skeptical people take a second 
look and start getting interested (after they stop giving me stunned 
looks :).

This to a large extent was the ground covered in our little informal 
OSIA chat held here in Brisbane last night.... thanks to Adam, Arjen & 
John for an interesting and informative time.



Con Zymaris wrote:
> As previously stated, OSIA can add very little additional value to IT
> professionals working in this area, (AUUG & ACS cover these) nor can it
> add anything of use on the technical or community front (LA, LUGs and AUUG
> cover these well) OSIA's main focus is on presenting the business case for
> FOSS to government and for making each of our member firms a success in
> the market.

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