[Osia-discuss] Re: [Linux-aus] MEDIA RELEASE: Open Source Industry Australia - National Body Launched

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Tue Mar 2 07:21:01 UTC 2004

Con Zymaris wrote:

>>>OSIA is presently not incorporated. It may become incorporated if its 
>>>members decided that that is a good idea at some time in the future. 
>>Personally I have issues dealing with unincorporated associations.
> Whyso? 
> I can demonstrate the reverse with the organisation I know best, by way of
> counter-example. OSV is not incorporated. In fact, our state government
> minders recommended we did not incorporate, as too much money and effort
> would need to go into such a venture, with probably zero payback for the
> group. OSV has had a string of successes in pushing FOSS into business,
> government and education in Victoria. No one at any stage has asked if we
> were incorporated, nor does anyone seem to care.

are you kidding, incorporation costs about $125 dollars and model constitutions 
abound?  Unless we were doing something really special one of these 
constitutions would suffice - that's how both waia and saia came about :-).  Of 
course an incorporated body can be held more easily accountable for its actions, 
than an unincorporated body - and be sued as a result but we can also arrange 
insurance cover for its directors more easily.  Most governments wont deal with 
unincorporated groups, and I am actually gob-smacked that the Vic government 
actually gave OSV, as an unincorporated entity, money.  This runs counter to 
everything I've ever known about governmental behaviour.


> I guess that would be up to the group at that time. Obviously, if there's
> a groundwell of interest in keeping it going, so be it. However, I think
> our best possible exit-strategy is that in 2010 (a mere 6 years away) we
> will no longer need to exist, as FOSS will be omnipresent and totally
> accepted by industry & government, as a fundamental and viable platform.

It may not exist for the reasons we claim at present but that doesnt mean it 
might not morph into something else which can benefit from the history and 
reputation which OSIA would have accrued by then in order to carry out its mission.

I hear what Con is saying - i think it important that from the outset the prime 
objective is establishing credibility for open source solutions within the 
government business and education sectors however its naive to think that in 
doing that some kudos will not rub off onto the 'organisation' which can
itself then lend support and weight to the FOSS movement.  (I gotta say that i 
think 6 years is a short period of time for the transition Con is forseeing. 
For example I have seen the eduction department in this state dither about 
putting pcs in to classrooms, in training teachers to use them and providing 
support infrastructure to support them since 1995 when such a scheme was first 
federally funded - even today 9 years later, its 'still happening' and isnt 
there yet :-)

However I think we will make inroads in the 6 years envisaged but the job will 
not be over by a long shot IMHO.


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