[Osia-discuss] Re: [Linux-aus] MEDIA RELEASE: Open Source Industry Australia - National Body Launched

Del del at babel.com.au
Tue Mar 2 06:35:14 UTC 2004

Hugh Madden wrote:
> I really like the workshop idea targeted at IT managers.
> The workshop[s] should cover items such as:
> -high availability
> -backups and disaster recovery
> -what is clustering and what kinds of clustering can be used?
> -configuration management and the system release cycle
> -system hardening and intrusion detection
> -server consolidation

Spoken like someone who has an interest in selling HA and
clustered systems to the enterprise market.  :)

Seriously, though, these are good topics and I think we
need to cover them.  Personally, my business focuses on
selling systems at the lower end of the company size
spectrum (say 20 - 100 users) so things I'd like to see
covered, over time, include:

* SAMBA, connecting Macs and PCs into a Linux network.
* LDAP, for authentication, etc.
* Web services, content management, etc.
* Linux on the desktop, where it's at and where it's

I think we probably need to get a list of topics we want
to target, a list of the types of companies / govt agencies
we want to target them at, and work from there.  I have
some PR folks that can take care of getting the stories
into the press, etc.

Can we get some kind of working committee together to put
together a strategy for doing this?  Who's interested?


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