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Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Mar 2 04:22:02 UTC 2004

Del wrote:


> I'm not talking about the type of home user LUG based installfest.
> Here's what Microsoft do (having seen them do it).
> Grab a group of 20 or so IT managers, IT support staff, tech
> types.  Get around a table.  Install the latest Windows XP/200*
> pre-release or whatever on a bunch of machines, and explain
> the features.  Go through setting up ADS, replicating LDAP
> services around the network, setting up DNS and DHCP, etc.
> Do some sales pitch.

I've been on Microsoft courses where they take the favourite companies, 
and run a free training course on their latest offering. The last one 
was call an "ISV jumpstart or something". It was very much like what you 
describe, but we didn't install any software. There was 5 days worth of 
slides though.

> It's an effective tactic, and not one I think the LUGs are
> appropriately staffed to deal with.  It's something that could
> be done in the guise of an installfest, however on an entirely
> different scale and with a different target audience.

Especially as most people in the room walk away feeling loved because 
they got some free training.




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