[Osia-discuss] Re: [Linux-aus] MEDIA RELEASE: Open Source Industry Australia - National Body Launched

Del del at babel.com.au
Mon Mar 1 20:39:01 UTC 2004

> There is already a very close inter-operation between the various groups. 
> I don't see any advantage in wielding heavy paperwork machinery.

As long as there's some kind of understanding in place.  I see
a potential for each group to tread on the others' toes, even
if only being seen to do so in the marketplace.

>>The topic of installfests and/or commercial Linux trade shows has been
>>bantered about the community again (I just posted to the SLUG activities
>>list on it).  Is this something that LA and OSIA can work together on?
> Installfests are very much an LA/LUG/AUUG thing. It's something they know,
> understand and have experience in. We're happy to assist/advertise/market
> any such event and encourage OSIA members who are not already LA/LUG/AUUG
> members to volunteer assistance.

I'm not talking about the type of home user LUG based installfest.

Here's what Microsoft do (having seen them do it).

Grab a group of 20 or so IT managers, IT support staff, tech
types.  Get around a table.  Install the latest Windows XP/200*
pre-release or whatever on a bunch of machines, and explain
the features.  Go through setting up ADS, replicating LDAP
services around the network, setting up DNS and DHCP, etc.
Do some sales pitch.

It's an effective tactic, and not one I think the LUGs are
appropriately staffed to deal with.  It's something that could
be done in the guise of an installfest, however on an entirely
different scale and with a different target audience.

> OSIA is presently not incorporated. It may become incorporated if its 
> members decided that that is a good idea at some time in the future. 

Personally I have issues dealing with unincorporated associations.
It's the reason I haven't felt the need to be involved with
http://www.oic.org/ and their Linux/Open Source seminar series.
Apart from the fact that it appeared to be a self-promotion
exercise on the part of the organisers (who were obviously trying
to sell something).

However I'll raise it as an issue when the time comes.

And I'm unwilling to see OSIA just fold when people have achieved
the goal of gaining greater Linux acceptance in the marketplace.
I've felt for a long time that there's needed to be an industry
body of this type, and NSW doesn't have an equivalent of OSV


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