[Linux-aus] status of LCA 2004 CD

Jason King pizza at netspace.net.au
Sat Jun 19 16:59:03 UTC 2004

Hi , I'm your friendly CD assembler here, to let you know about the
schedule for the LCA 2004 CD.  The previous Assembler didn't have time
to do this in the end , so I've taken over.  My email address is
pizza at netspace.net.au .
The LA committee are getting bugged a lot about the CD , and they are
just bouncing the messages back to me anyway.  So if you have any
questions about the CD, please send them to me, and I'll do my best to
answer them.  (just note the more time I spend answering stuff is less
time I spend on the CD, and on my new job that I just got this week)
For the moment , I think I'll spend at the moment a maximum of two weeks
on the CD , making sure its got everything that I can fit onto it.
I've been given a bunch of URLs for pictures , thanks for that.  I can
imagine that downloading them all will take a while, and endless saving
of images through firefox will be rather repetitive and kinda boring. So
if people want to help me speed up the process , please tarball them up
and give me a URL for them.  If you can supply HTML pages (with relative
links please) for the photos, that means things are more presentable.
Note that allowing wget access to your photos would be really handy.
I haven't decided on what photos I will dump if there are too many of
them, so hopefully I don't make people angry with any exclusions. 
Most of the papers are there , with a bunch of photos , and speex files,
and I'm up to 550M already.  I have the complete photo collections of
Colin Charles, Anthony Rumble, Grant Parnell, Stewart Smith and Trent
Lloyd so far.  As far as the mini-confs are concerned , I have what
looks to be all of the ipv6 papers , and one from audio.  So if you
presented a paper at a mini-conf , please send it to me. 
If you have other ideas for stuff to include then please tell me.  If
you can send it to me in a format that I can just include on the CD with
little effort , even better.  Just don't all drown me at once please :)
If there are things that you expected to see on the CD , and you're
worried about their non-presence, you'd better let me know. (If I
haven't mentioned them here , its safe to assume they're not on the CD
right now)
The ISO image will be available at
when its finished.
Um , that's about it I guess.  this is your friendly CD assembler
signing off.

I had a guaranteed military sale with ed 209, renovation program,
spare parts for 25 years. Who cares if it worked or not?

Dick Jones , Robocop.

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