[Linux-aus] ComputerBank NSW Grant Proposal

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed Jun 16 08:03:03 UTC 2004

Del wrote:

> I have no intrinsic problem with the grant per se, but I'd
> like to see a set of accounts for LA to see that we have the
> necessary bank balance & income stream to support this.

I don't intend to be obstructionist here, but the accounts were 
presented at the AGM in Adelaide, and will be presented at the next AGM 
as well. I have no problems with people seeing them now (it is the 
member's money after all), but I do wonder if the requests to see them 
become regular if the Treasurer is going to have any time to do anything 

Perhaps if we had some sort of mechanism such that each monthly report 
from Pia stated the amount of money spent by the committee in total, and 
then that could be referred back to the public accounts from the AGM 
minutes. Would that allay your concerns?

Part of my concern is also because there is some fluctuation in the 
accounts from time to time. For example merchant charge backs from our 
credit card facility are fairly unpredictable.

Anyways, I've only been up for half an hour, so I might be hallucinating 


(I am not the treasurer, and do not speak for him on this issue)


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