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Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Tue Jun 15 19:35:01 UTC 2004

Hey all,

Recently Linux Australia approved a grant to ComputerBank NSW to pay for
transporting machines to various places around NSW. ComputerBank has a
further grant application for a line of credit to fund future programs
such as a work for the dole scheme, and setup of a storage facility for
the many machines they are currently having donated.

Due to the sums of money involved in the line of credit, the committee
would appreciate open debate and discussion on the merits of this grant.

http://www.linux.org.au/projects/grants/ requires that details of the
grant be made available on this list for two weeks before the committee
makes a final decision.

By approval by the majority (In the meeting on the 4th of this month),
 the LA Committee believes that going ahead
with this grant would be a good idea, provided the following conditions
(on top of those in the grant proposal) are met:
- computers must ship with an operating system distributed under an OSI
approved license (e.g. Linux, *BSD)
- payment in form of approval of invoices
- max draw down of $10kAUD in first year
- over 3 years.
- $15k maximum at one time
- LA will investigate ways of making us a senior creditor

We welcome your comments on the proposal, and after two weeks of public
discussion, we'll make our decision.

Original application below:
ComputerBank NSW Inc - request for interest-free loan facility

Date: 15 April 2004

Further to our earlier submission and my subsequent phone discussion
with you on 13 April, I make this supplementary submission, having
regard to the information available at www.linux.org.au. This submision
is separate to the grant application made separately by me on 14 April
on behalf of ComputerBank Hunter and New England.
Project Name: ComputerBank Sydney storage and workspace

Aim of Project: The current arrangements for ComputerBank Sydney's
repository operations have become wholly inadequate to meet the current
and likely future needs of ComputerBank Sydney and, as the major
repository for the whole State, for handling bulk inventory for regional
ComputerBank operational units. Given the increasing scope and scale of
donations now being received by ComputerBank in NSW it is essential that
the corporate, government and community awareness gains achieved by
ComputerBank, particularly over the last 12 to 18 months are secured and
enhanced. This is especially so given the likely NSW Government's
hazardous waste policy and program directions recently signalled as part
of its Extended Producer Responsibility statement.

There are a number of immediate issues relating to the ComputerBank's
need for 'storage' to be addressed to move ComputerBank forward in NSW:
- more efficiently, effectively and securely managing the scope and
scale of donations being received (receipt, storage, inventory control,
access, retrieval, disposal) and distributed to other regional units;
- better management of disbursements to community organisations and
individuals seeking ComputerBank's refurbished equipment;
- establishing and developing more appropriate, better organised and
safer workspace to enable refurbishment, rebuild and recycling
activities undertaken by volunteers (including attracting, training and
retaining participants);
- providing a facility more suitable for and capable of supporting
ComputerBank's efforts to sponsor and host Work for the Dole and similar
labour market projects as a direct revenue stream to cross subsidise
other ComputerBank activities.  These types of projects offer
experiential learning for the unemployed and other categories of people
that would gain benefit from involvement with various aspects of
ComputerBanks activities (technology, administration, organisational
development). These projects potentially enable appropriately skilled
and competent ComputerBank members an opportunity for gainful employment
as contracted project managers, adding value to themselves and to
ComputerBank ;
- having a better-presented facility that will enable ComputerBank
to promote and gain more financial and other support.
Person Responsible for Request: Geoff Tregenza, President ComputerBank
NSW Inc. for/on behalf of ComputerBank Sydney Inc. (Dan Treacy)
ComputerBank Hunter (Bob Beaven) and ComputerBank New England (Roland

Request: The establishment of an interest-free loan facility (line of
credit, draw down facility) up to a maximum of $15,000 for a period of
up to three years on the following terms and conditions:
- an advance of a quantum sufficient to secure initial occupancy of
suitable premises for a period of 3 months; ComputerBank would arrange
required pro bono legal services; necessary outgoings from the requested
initial advance would therefore include items such as advance lease
payments; 'bond' if required; necessary insurances; necesssary utility
services accounts establishment; immediately required modifications to
the premises (if any);
- periodic payments (from the line of credit) as may be necessary to
enable continued occupancy of the premises for a period of  up to three
years (the typically preferred basis for negotiating a standard
commercial lease) and to give ComputerBank a degree of certainty in its
forward planning and operations;
- repayments to reduce advances to be made by ComputerBank as and when
possible over the course of the term; with a zero balance to be
achieved no later than the agreed end date
- ComputerBank Sydney Inc is willing to invite a Linux Australia nominee
to become an ex officio member of its management executive to ensure
that Linux Australia's interests are had regard to in the establishment
and ongoing management of the leased facility during the term of the
- the facility to be made available for Linux Australia use as and when
- in the event of the reasonably likely or actual demise of ComputerBank
Sydney Inc and/or ComputerBank NSW Inc., the loan facility will be
terminated and all assets and liabilities of ComputerBank Sydney Inc be
offered to Linux Australia and/or its nominee (subject to any other
pre-existing legal impediments)
- the loan facility may be terminated by Linux Australia with at least
three months advance notice in writing should ComputerBank Sydney Inc.
or ComputerBank NSW Inc. fail to secure government or corporate support
(by way of cash or approved projects that generate cash) that
is sufficient or considered likely to be sufficient to repay funds
advanced by Linux Australia
- that an exchange of letters be entered into between Linux Australia
(the benefactor) and ComputerBank NSW Inc and ComputerBank Sydney Inc.
(as joint beneficiaries) that sets out the mutually agreed terms and
conditions relating to the loan facility.

As has been previously advised, ComputerBank requests this proposal to
be considered with some urgency.

The current situation is now that the sponsor/host of our repository
facility at Seven Hills, TriComm, has advised that their own contractual
project management arrangement with JobQuest (and therefore with
ComputerBank) will terminate effective cob 9 May; and that they will
vacate these leased premises by cob 21 May.

This presents both an unanticipated extreme emergency storage/inventory
situation and an opportunity to ComputerBank in Sydney.

The worst case scenario is for ComputerBank to be required to
relocate its whole inventory/operations elsewhere as soon as possible
after 8 May and not later than 20 May.  ComputerBank is not well placed
to achieve this objective, from any perspective - financial,
transport/storage/logistics, labour force. The timing exacerbates the
financial and practical difficulties already being faced as a result of
the large corporate equipment donation currently in progress.

The possible opportunity presented to ComputerBank is that we seek to
take over the lease and redevelop the Seven Hills facility.  This
strategy has obvious direct cost and other benefits.

Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au)
Vice President, Linux Australia

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