[Linux-aus] Travel Grant Application

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Tue Jun 15 11:14:01 UTC 2004

Hi all,
I'd also like to apply for a travel grant. Just one.

aKademy 2004

aKademy 2004 is KDE's 2004 conference in Stuttgart, Germany. It will be
spread out over about a week, and contain the regular conference aspect,
user training aspect, and also feature a hackfest. I would attend
largely as a representative of freedesktop.org (none of our other
valiant leaders can go), and hopefully beat KDE into standards
submission. The beer in Germany is very good, and I haven't had much of
it, so sampling the fine brews of this country, steeped in history, will
clearly drain my budget (which will already be dangerously low due to
Boston/OLS: spending all my AUD at 1.5x the rate I usually do; plus,
it's cold in Canada).

I am asking for a little more than half of the flight cost because I
won't have too much money left after OLS, and I am a uni student, so I
only currently work 20h/wk (with a two-week 20h/wk contract), and am
planning to move out soon. What's left between saving for
bond/fridge/vodka supply/bed/furniture is spent on beer, obviously, due
to the whole student aspect.

Estimated flights cost: $2100
Requested subsidy: $1500

:) d

Daniel Stone                                              <daniel at fooishbar.org>
"The programs are documented fully by _The Rise and Fall of a Fooish Bar_,
available by the Info system." -- debian/manpage.sgml.ex, dh_make template
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