[Linux-aus] Open Source Australia: Let's just make a mailing list? (Was: Organizing an Australian Open Source Roadshow?)

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Thu Jan 29 18:05:02 UTC 2004

Amos' comments (about Israeli press voice) are very much what I think
OSA would be about, and indeed, what OSV has done.  I think every OSV
press release has at least made it online, and some have made it around
the world (e.g.  slashdot).

In two months or so, I am going to present at a corporate seminar on
the benefits of open source vs. proprietary solutions.  When I finish, I
want to point people to an organisation that can help them, as
corporate managers, implement effect OSS-based solutions for their IT
needs.  I do not believe either LA or AUUG do this right now, and
I don't think an organisation named "Linux Australia" fits that need

I don't mind what the structure is, Corporate Open Source could be a
SIG of LA, that's fine.  But I, as a senior IT manager with a voice
into the corporate sector, want to be able to point senior managers to
an organisation that will incorporate their queries in a manner similar
to other industry groups/networks.

OSV has people running OSS-based business right now, and consultants
who could advise these corporates right now; I feel confident pointing
these people to OSV, and I think OSV is doing a good job of
establishing a corporate image in the corporate sector (which for
simplicity's sake includes government and education here).  OSV isn't
there yet, but they are well on the way.  I think all we need to do is
create another mailing list and another subdomain, make sure all the
OSS-based business get on the list and call Con president of OSA :-)

If more structure is needed, let it come as it is required.  Already
many of those involved are AUUG/LA people, so we can draw on those
organisations and synergise with them.


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