[Linux-aus] linux professional groups

Paul Shirren shirro at shirro.com
Wed Jan 28 14:36:00 UTC 2004

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Hey all,
> So, as a break from the flames, is anyone interested in having an on-list
> discussion about professional linux groups? Unfortunately I missed out
> on having a chat with Leon or Con or anyone much about this at l.c.a,
> and afaik whatever discussions did take place weren't blogged.

A handful of SLPWA, OSV and OSBN-SA people got emailed about the 
meeting. The aim was to discuss the creation of a peak industry group 
for F/OSS as raised by Con on this list. It was mentioned briefly during 
the conf, which attracted a few more people.

Quite a few extras turned up after the LA AGM. There was only one 
waitress and we kept on running out of tables.

Lots more people arrived after this picture:

We started of discussing what we did, and a large number of people there 
do work in companies where Linux/OSS is a major or main focus. Soon the 
numbers got too big for a quiet discussion.

DSL got up and did some moderating otherwise nothing would have been 

I will try to summarise as I saw it (no notes taken, sorry)

Some people felt that a group representing Linux businesses should be 
part of another group (AUUG, SAGE, LA, ACS etc). The argument being that 
setting up a new group would cost, struggle to attract members, be 
devisive etc.

Arguments for a standalone was not that people were against LA, AUUG etc 
(quite the opposite) but that they thought these groups did a good job 
representing the broad tech community, and that our needs were fairly 
specialised, and non-technical. Things like provide a directory of OSS 
companies, getting access to case studies, presenting information in a 
form more directed to government/business.

The majority were interested in a national body when it was put to show 
of hands. A list of email addresses was recorded and hopefully there 
will be a mailing list launched.

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