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Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Wed Jan 28 12:09:02 UTC 2004

Hey all,

So, as a break from the flames, is anyone interested in having an on-list
discussion about professional linux groups? Unfortunately I missed out
on having a chat with Leon or Con or anyone much about this at l.c.a,
and afaik whatever discussions did take place weren't blogged.

Basically, I wonder what sort of professional groups are... effective,
or fun, or useful, or desirable, or something for people. HUMBUG probably
comes close to being the opposite of what you want, at least as far as
the meetings go; it's informal, on a weekend, very long, undirected,
and whatever. I mean, it serves it's purpose -- which is for *home*
Unix users to get together -- but... well, just but.

There's also obviously SAGE, which does a much better job, but is
focussed on systems administration in general, which I look at as more
of a necessary evil than something interesting :) AIUI, they have a
regular meeting on a weeknight that consists of a talk and some food,
and that's pretty much it.

I guess what I'm wondering is if there's a lack of a group for
professional Linux developers in Brissie; and if so, what such a group
would look like. Is a "meet every two weeks/month, have a short talk on
something Linuxy, then have dinner, chat with each other, then go home"
sort of structure a worthwhile one; or are other more faceless activities
more useful for professionals (like advocating to government, or hosting
a jobs site on the web -- and given AUUG exists, is that enough?),
or something else?

If we want a "professional community", does it make sense to have one
that brings together Linux-friendly management types as well as hackers,
and if so, what sort of talks do you have then? Or what's you excuse
for a get together?

What's everyone else's thoughts on this?


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