[Linux-aus] LCA2006

Anand Kumria wildfire at progsoc.uts.edu.au
Mon Jan 26 22:28:02 UTC 2004

On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 03:27:50PM +0800, Bret Busby wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Conrad Parker wrote:
> > A heap of crap
> If the objective of Linux Australia, is to discourage WA involvement in 
> conferences and in Linux Australia, then I guess that holding a 
> conference in NZ, is the way to go.

Your rants are becoming tiresome heaps of crap.

When other organisations learnt we were hosting a large conference in
Perth many went 'Oh, that's novel. We did that and it failed'.

Hosting LCA2003 -- which you didn't bother to attend -- in Perth was a
huge gamble. Obviously in your book it counts for nothing. 

> I know of at least one professional attendee at this year's conference, 
> who would be highly unlikely to attend a Linux conference in NZ.

So? I know plenty of people who attended every other LCA except this
one. It'd be boring if the same people turned up everytime. That's why
it is moved around -- precisely because not everyone can attend.

If you want a conference which doesn't change location, LinuxWorld is
probably the right one for you.

> It is difficult enough, to get an employer to sponsor attendance at a 
> Linux conference, and, getting an employer to sponsor attendance at a 
> Linux conference in NZ, for an employee in WA, would be completely out 
> of the question.

Unlucky. You'll have to enjoy the conference vicarously then. Every LCA
I've had to take personal leave and pay my own way. If it really
mattered to you, you'd do the same.

> But then, I suppose, this goes back to the question of what Linux 
> Australia is about, and, whether it is really for the whole of 
> Australia.

No it doesn't. If you could bother to get some interest in organising a
conference in WA (not even an LCA) you'd find Linux Australia to be very

You don't seem to have grasped that if _you_ don't want to do anything
productive, nothing is going to happen. Why haven't you set about
organising an installfest or configfest? 

Why haven't you contacted the WA department of fair trading about
electronic votes and such. Weren't you going to put some information for
LA so that they could proceed -- after all you were one of the
individual pressing for this with some vigour.

Almost everytime you rant and rave your posts seem to reflect an
inferiority complex that you have about WA and the rest of Australia.

It is becoming rather tiresome.

It'd be far more interesting to read about why the City of Armidale
consider 'Windows 2000 Professional Server' "standard practise" on their


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