[Linux-aus] [link] We got an indirect bite from SCO ANZ!

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Wed Jan 21 10:09:02 UTC 2004

Interesting admission...


I may wind up in deep poo over this, but we have to start calling them 
on this sometime, and now is as good as any opportunity we're going to 
get. It's sad that The SCO Group gets extra exposure but at the same 
time, the right words are in there to let people know that, contrary to 
a common spin theme, Linux users aren't just complaining because their 
business might be hurt and never mind the IP issues.

However, the article has also added one useful statement to the public 

    When asked why the media release which provided this information
    had not specifically told commercial Linux users - whom
    O'Shaughnessy said were SCO's target - to take out a licence or
    else face the consequences, he said "in effect, this is what is
    being said." 

This makes it much harder for them to now to back down (again) and claim 
that they were only planning something along those lines, that the 
release didn't imply a definite commitment to proceed, and nothing 
concretely criminal has yet been done.

Cheers; Leon

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