[Linux-aus] Matter of the SGM

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Thu Jan 15 16:25:02 UTC 2004

[Posted from the stage in Elder Hall, main AGM now in progress.]

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 15:53, Daniel Stone wrote:
> The motion was raised, with Rusty and someone else seconding. No-one
> voted to accept the motion. A few abstained, none rejected.

On the main issue, the vote 'for' was overwhelming, 'abstaining' was 
bout eight people and 'against' was one person (Grant Diffey, 
self-confessed PGP addict), who clarified that he was not against the 
motions, but against en-bloc voting on them.

Hooraw! On-line voting for LA can now become a reality!

There was considerable debate on whether we should require signed email 
or not.

Cheers; Leon

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