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Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jan 10 06:58:05 UTC 2004

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On Sat, 10 Jan 2004 05:16 am, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Hugh has this thing called a "family" - it requires some resources, and
> is not a process that takes nicely to being niced down a few levels :)
> That's probably why he's not been at CLUG as often as he'd probably like
> - scheduling everything tends to get a bit hectic - esp when you want to
> see your kids before they go to sleep (not that i have children - that i
> know of at least :)
I think jdub summarised my intent - that local reps don't necessarily mean 
solid communications. However I'd like to emphasise that my comments aren't 
meant as a criticism of Hugh, Tridge or any other member of the committee. 
Hey - I didn't volunteer to step into their shoes (and I don't have family 
commitments), and I certainly didn't do anything that could be construed as 
offering help! In fact, I probably created a lot of work they weren't 

I think the committee has done a good job of raising the profile of Linux 
Australia (both within the FOSS community and more widely), and the sort of 
issues that are being raised (communication, future direction, 
responsibilities) are common to many organisations. Linux Australia is 
reaching the level of maturity where these things matter, and that is 
basically through the work of the committee.

Irrespective of the outcome of the SGM/AGM, I'd like to thank the committee 
for their work in developing both the Linux Australia organisation, and in 
supporting Linux in Australia.

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