[Linux-aus] State representation on the board: vision for LA

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Fri Jan 9 18:01:22 UTC 2004

On 09/01/2004, at 4:05 PM, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Oh, far out dude. Everyone wants their LCA to be the best, and everyone
> wants LCA to get better and better every year. It has 
> jack-squat-fuck-all to
> do with state-vs-state competition. I'm sorry, but you seem to be 
> obsessed
> with this silly notion.

Yeah, like, what the - it has /nothing/ to do with competition.  We 
just want each LCA to be even more kickarse than the last, and by hell, 
Adelaide's LCA2004 will be kickarse.



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