[Linux-aus] Linux.Conf.Au 2004 updates! (Dec 20)

Dan Shearer dan at shearer.org
Wed Jan 7 21:56:01 UTC 2004

On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 06:31:55PM +1100, Brad Hards wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Dec 2003 19:02 pm, Michael Davies wrote:
> > The Linux.Conf.Au 2004 organising Team have no time for Christmas
> > shopping - the Linux.Conf.Au conference starts in just over 3 weeks and
> > we've been busy building even more value into your conference
> > registration!
> There 'err, appears to be a gap in the program 
> (http://linux.conf.au/programme.cgi) - Napier LG29 - 3pm on Friday.  Any 
> chance of getting that filled? Now it's a really impressive program, but that 
> gap is niggling at my scheduling of talks.  I've been running 2.6 test 
> kernels for a while, I've seen Tridge's junkcode directory, and PHP doesn't 
> really do it for me. So something else would be good....

Behoffski has accepted to present in the little red box. Regex guru,
optimising gas output and embedded image processing are the three things
I know he does, but I'm sure there's plenty more.

(and just a comment on Jon's talk, "running 2.6 test kernels" doesn't
necessarily impart knowledge about the new and changed APIs that come
with 2.6...)

The organisers are holding out on some things, but not about this slot :-)

Dan Shearer
dan at shearer.org

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