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Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Wed Jan 7 10:03:31 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 05:12, Bret Busby wrote:
> Whilst not a person who can attend the conferences, and therefore is not 
> able to take part in the proceedings, surely it would be more practical, 
> for nominations to be able to be accepted up until the chairman of the 
> AGM declares nominations closed, immediately before holding the polls 
> if needed, for the positions, in the course of the AGM? That is, unless 
> the elections are conducted via email, or otherwise electronically, 
> allowing absentee votes for people who do not attend the conferences.

The current proceedings are being done according to the existing
constitution - which *does* place certain limits on a lot of things -
esp regarding voting. You CAN put it proxy votes via the secretary NOW -
or (from memory) any reasonable time before the AGM (for some reason
24hrs sticks in my head - check announce previous mails/the current
constitution for clarification).

There is an intent to move to an electronic voting system so that all
can be included, and the proposed constitution changes will enable this
- but it's just not practical and safe for this one - next year :)

We have decided when to close nominations - and this is partially based
on constitution (from memory) - you can't keep accepting nominations and
have a sane election process. This way, we have set people up for
positions, they can be on overhead slides, people at the agm can see who
they're voting for and have *already* read the background info about
them. I think you'll find what's happenning now will be a lot smoother
than last year (kudos to Rusty for keeping it saner than possible).

> What is the justification for this "honorary lifetime membership"? What 
> are the criteria? Whys hould some be able to obtain it and not ebveryone 
> be automatically eligible for the same benefits?

It is a form of recognition for substantial contribution to the
organisation - MANY orgs have this - hell, even universities do -
honorary diploma's and all that.

It's a *great* way of saying "thanks" for people's voluntary work - it's
the constitutional equivilent of lots of "rock on" mails.

> Does that not make Linux Australia, a class society, like the cast 
> system in India, or the English class system?

no - this comparison is utter crap.

> Hence, once again, it appears that Linux Australia is only an 
> association of attendees at the annual conference.

no - you can go apply via the web interface and have your membership
approved without going to the conf - already lots of people have done


> The whole issue of membership needs resolving, if Linux Australia is to 
> be more than just an association of attendees at the annual conference.

In case you hadn't noticed - we've been working on this for a *long*
time. Read the proposed constitution changes - understand them, look at
our meeting minutes, look at the membershipdb code, look at the mails
about membership, hell - you can even SIGN UP AND GET MEMBERSHIP NOW!!!
it'll probably even get approved by the end of the day - maybe in a few
hours, or minutes! wow! what else could anybody *possibly* want -
flashing lights on the signup page? Well, i'll be happy to reject those
patches - only nice things accepted :)

> > 	- Change 23; is unneccessary, Common/Company seals are no longer
> > 	  required for companies or associations in NSW (they are
> > 	  optional).
> > 
> Does this by context mean that Linux Australia is NSW, and not federal? 
> Is that correct; that Linux Australia is not a federal body, but is a 
> body only of NSW, and therefore only subject to law in NSW?

Again, the documentation on this is online and freely available to ALL.
LA is registered in NSW - AFAIK you have to be registered in one state,
and this is where people who started it came from , and where pres,
secretary and treasurer reside - so it's a sane choice. It means we are
subject to NSW corp law.

An no, we're not a NSW org - i thought that would be pretty clear by now
- just like all those other companies registered/based in NSW aren't NSW

Stewart Smith <stewart at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia Inc
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