[Linux-aus] Nomination for President

Robi Karp robi at fluffyspider.com.au
Wed Jan 7 09:47:12 UTC 2004

Hi Linux Australia Members,

My name is Robi Karp and I am nominating myself for the position of
President of Linux Australia.

About Me:
With a degree in Comp. Sci and Mathematics from UNSW I have a
professional background in software development.  I have about 20
years programming experience on Unix and Linux and about 9 years
experience focused on the business side of software.  I am 38 years
old so these years overlap (for those of you doing the maths).

In 1995 I started Fluffy Spider Technologies where I am currently the
Managing Director.  FST is a unique software house, based in Ultimo,
Sydney.  We provide software solutions for Linux with a strong
emphasis on Embedded Linux systems.  We have had the fortune of
working with large international companies, developing innovative
Linux based systems for their products. 

Consequently I understand the needs of the development community
along with the needs of business and I understand how Linux can best
serve those needs.

What I believe is important in 2004 for Linux in Australia:
Linux and Open Source / Free Software are getting a lot of mainstream
press lately.  There is much activity in Embedded but there is also
plenty of consideration going into how Linux and Open Source can be
applied to the Desktop, the Server market and the Enterprise.

I believe that 2004 will be a beachhead year for Linux as it starts to
make real inroads into mainstream corporate IT.

Linux Australia has a job to do.  In needs to be a central point of
focus, fact and information for Linux and Open Source.  Linux
Australia needs to help Government and Corporates understand what
Linux and Open Source can do for them, how it can help them save money
and increase reliability.  It must promote Linux and Open Source as a
feasible and superior alternative.  It must combat FUD and

2004 will be a very important year for Linux in Australia.

What I can offer to Linux Australia as President in 2004:
I bring with me years of experience in:

- Running a Linux software business.

- Helping customers understand what Linux and Open Source are about
  and how they can gain from Open Source and give back to Open Source.

- Dealing with the legal issues surrounding Open Source, ex. tailoring
  contracts to deal with GPL (BSD, LGPL, etc.) licensing.

- An extensive network of contacts in the industry.

- Promoting the benefits of the Open Source community.

- Communicating effectively with Government and Corporates.  Finding
  the best way to promote issues to them and receive the maximum
  benefit from them.

- Publicity and Media.

- Efficiently organising groups of people.

- Being involved with, and running, community organisations, for
  example the ISOC-AU Privacy and Security Working Group (in 1997).

Linux Conf 2004:
Unfortunately I won't be able to attend Linux Conf 2004.  I have some
business matters that will keep in Sydney over the period.

However I would be very happy to meet with people in Sydney between
now and then (or any time really).

- Robi Karp

Fluffy Spider Technologies        Linux / Unix / Wireless / Real Time
http://www.fluffyspider.com.au/   Embedded / Telecomms & IN
phone:  +61 2 9281 9055           fax: +61 2 9281 2944

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