[Linux-aus] Nomination: Mark Tearle

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Mon Jan 5 20:30:02 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 16:15, Leon Brooks wrote:
> I'd like to see Jeff elected to Committee in particular because he's got 
> a lot of energy and because we disagree on stuff. Variety is the spice 
> of life. (-:

Yeah - lots of energy and no pants. A winning combination. I want to see
that on a business card one day :)

> Out of the blue, I'd also like to float the idea (no obligation) of 
> seconding a few of the runners-up into Committee after election so we 
> have enough people readily available to assign enough tasks to to leave 
> more energy for productivity after dealing with the reasonably constant 
> level of administrivia. It would also leave room for equity issues for 
> portfolio-style voting, that is, you could vote for somebody who will 
> support your special interest without necessarily risking the loss of a 
> high-quality stabiliser like Tridge. How do you feel about that? 
> Comments?

One thing I'd really like to see is all those people who have nominated
to get involved in LA - if they are voted in or not. It's a great way to
help get things done, get involved, and increase your chances of getting
voted in next year (people like doers - or at least they *should*). Plus
- getting credit for your work is something I love (see previous "rock
on" mail).

So please, please please - get involved, credit will be given and you
can feel warm and fuzzy - plus, it's cool.

rock on all!
Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au)
Vice President, Linux Australia

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