[Linux-aus] Blurb for me

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Mon Jan 5 12:48:02 UTC 2004

Leon Brooks is a 41yo male caucasian programmer/analyst/trainer/dogsbody 
living in Perth, Western Australia, with a wife and 2.5 excellent 
offspring (the .5 is shared with a previous wife). He likes SciFi 
(David Weber, of late) and science in general, gadgets and nature, good 
veggo food and Australia's magnificent scenery (often from the shelter 
of a camera).

Leon has been programming since a Wang 2200B crossed his path at high 
school in 1978 (first seriously cut his teeth on the UWA University 
Computer Club's Alpha Micro 100 (Murphy) in 1980), dearly loves the 
neo-anarchism of the Free/Open Source Software community, and avidly 
despises computers which are trusted by their makers but not by him.

As well as programming, Leon writes articles and flames. He uses the 
Mandrake distribution (oddly, with Debian a close second) and edits 
with vi under BASH in a Konsole. Mail happens via KMail and both web 
and file management by Konqueror if possible.

Leon has been an LA OCM for a year, and loved it. They're a great 
committee and he's sad to hear that Tridge and Hugh are both passing 
the baton (they've been great stabilising influences and have taught us 
quite a lot about how corporatia see us). Leon doesn't see himself as 
quite careful enough to fill a banner role like Prez, Trez or Secy but 
is OCM for PLUG and SLPWA as well as for LA (and finds the cross-talk 

Leon shares our current illustrious President's ideal of a vital, 
enthusiastic and deeply involved community, and would work to make LA 
both approachable enough and resourceful enough to act as important 
catalysts in the FOSS revolution that's breaking on top of us now.

Leon supports sensible and useful ideas even when he don't personally 
like them, and supports sensible and useful people even when he 
disagrees with them or suffers a personality clash. He believes that 
most of what we know is wrong or inadequate, yet that we must press 
ahead enthusiastically with what we have; walk a mile, see a mile.

Cheers; Leon

http://cyberknights.com.au/     Modern tools; traditional dedication
http://plug.linux.org.au/       Committee Member, Perth Linux User Group
http://slpwa.asn.au/            Committee Member, Linux Professionals WA
http://linux.org.au/            Committee Member, Linux Australia

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