[Linux-aus] Vote 1 fat bastard!

Andrew Chalmers achalmers at optusnet.com.au
Sun Jan 4 17:06:10 UTC 2004

I Andrew Chalmers do thus submit my nominations for the positions of Vice President,  
Secretary, and also ordinary member of the Linux Australia committee.

I have been a member of the Linux users Victoria committee for almost a
year now, in that space of time you see and learn a lot about passionate
Linux people, and what they expect from their representatives.

I have seen what is possible at the local level, ppl its time to think

LA is changing, in making bold moves towards becoming the Linux umbrella
organisation for Australian LUGS, LA has re-energised itself into what I
hope to be one of the most accessible, accountable and vocal NGO's in
this country.

I have said the following before in relation to LUV specifically but I
believe that it applies equally to LA now and so here is the platform
rant(Some of you in Vic can now role your eyes..here he goes again):

One of the things that the Open-Source community does really well
is encourage user diversity, there are so many sources of knowledge and
opinion it can be overwhelming.

I see Linux Australia continuing to play an important central role
supporting the entire range of LINUX users.

However, I _still_ think we need to share our information assets a
little better and in a central location...The Linux Australia site seems
an obvious choice.

I would like to see LA engage in a commitment to knowledge content and
also _actively_ start promoting solid source code and documentation to
the Australian business community, that for too long has been slaved to expensive
and propriety programs and standards.

We can build this resource by simply encouraging people to publish their
gotcha's, solutions and updated how-to's on the site and linking to
projects that offer real alternatives thus building up a solid,
distinctly Australian "real world" Linux solution knowledge base that
could be made freely available for download hosted by either Linux
Australia or more locally through the LUG's.

I believe with this ambitious yet achievable goal eventually we will
view the LA web site as a first class Linux information portal.

This would go a long way towards putting a bullet in most of the "Where
is the evidence of open source success in this country?" arguments we
keep hearing, it would also boost the exposure of Linux Australia in a
big way with the business community.

This is what I would like to start in 2004, lets get into a position
where we are able to say next time we hear; "Hey buddy where do I find
out about this Linux thing...how can it save me from sending my
licensing dollars overseas?" 
"Why simply go to http://www.linux.org.au thats where everything

So I urge you:
Vote 1 fat bastard!

Kind regards,
Andrew Chalmers (who lurks on freenode as imajica)

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