[Linux-aus] nomination

Jason King pizza at netspace.net.au
Sun Jan 4 11:34:02 UTC 2004

better late than never I guess.  ok , here goes...

 I'd like to nominate for the position of Ordinary committee member of
Linux Australia.  I would have nominated for VP , but a few people think
that is a conflict of interest. (I'll get onto that in a minute)

I am in my second year as the president of LUV, Linux Users of VIctoria,
and was previously the vice president for one year.  During that time
I've arranged three installfests, arranged LUV meetings with speakers
for two years, and arranged a position for LUV at the PCIT show held in
Melbourne (Although Key3media , the main organisers of the show went
through chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US , so no more trade shows for the
moment)  written some perl and php code, been LUV's sysadmin for a
while, and given some talks in regexes and awk.

Currently I have no full time job, but I am in a short term casual
position doing some major hacking on a knoppix CD to turn it into a
server.  I did some less major hacking on a knoppix CD for Open Source
Victoria, who are in the process of giving lots of copies away of it
(and it got on the front page of the Age IT section , woo) I'm also
helping Dan Shearer getting the LiveCD going for LCA.  

I have a degree in elec. eng from the University of Tasmania, was
working as a programmer for 7 years , mostly in monitoring PABX's ,
oracle instances and unix boxes.  I guess this is a bad place to say
that all of that was done in windows :)  (Yeah , I was a windows
programmer , sshhh , don't tell anyone...)  

I think that committee members of LUGs in australia should get more
involved in running LA , as they have proven themselves to LUG members
that they can get off their collective behinds and "get stuff done".

I had a guaranteed military sale with ed 209, renovation program,
spare parts for 25 years. Who cares if it worked or not?

Dick Jones , Robocop.

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